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About Noisebox

Noisebox was originally started some years ago by Steve Lloyd, a local musician and sound engineer. Steve was passionate about the local music scene and as well as Noisebox, was also co-owner of the Roadhouse on Newton Street.

As anyone who knew Steve will know, Noisebox was a passion. It was as much about keeping the live music scene alive and helping out those involved in it as it was about making a living. Many Manchester bands have been given a helping hand along the way including Doves and Elbow. Noisebox also had a recording facility and countless Manchester bands laid their first recordings to tape with Steve at the helm.

Steve was also instrumental in getting many of todays finest engineers to where they are today. Always willing to give new engineers fresh out of college a chance, many of those who started shadowing with Noisebox or at the Roadhouse have gone on to work with some of the worlds biggest bands, including but not limited to Kaiser Cheifs, The Courteeners, Elbow, The Streets, Lilly Allen and Doves.

Unfortunately, in April 2014 after battling with cancer, Steve passed away and it seemed for a while as if Noisebox would go with him. We did not want to see Noisebox disappear forever along with all the good work Steve did and so after quite a short discussion over a brew in the car park of Steve's old unit it was decided we would purchase some of Steve's PA and do what we could to keep the flag flying.