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Ohm Product Of The Week: TRS-218

In this new weekly series we are taking a look through the catalogue of our favourite local speaker manufacturer Ohm and highlighting some of their amazing product line up.

First up is the classic TRS-218 double 18" subwoofer, a staple in many venues, hire houses and rave systems around the world. Available in passive, and now, active versions featuring full 3 channel DSP for linking to other active speakers in the range. These provide amazing bottom end for live shows and club events alike.

TRS-218 is a high power, 30 Hz capable subwoofer designed for large venues and outdoor events. TRS-218 can be used singularly or in multiples in both horizontal and vertical orientation using Ohm’s TRS stacking system which ensures secure stacking of multiple units. Ground stacking is also possible with TRS-212 Point source, Vela and Cora line array systems. Using two of our proprietary 18” cast aluminium chassis drivers coupled with a hybrid horn/reflex design, this cabinet has a frequency response of 29 Hz to 180 Hz (-10 dB) at an astounding 141 dB SPL (peak). The robust enclosure has a HEX design front grill, hardwearing Polyurea paint finish and three bar handles on each side. Integrated rubber feet are located on underside of the enclosure for securing in multiple ground stack positions on additional TRS-218 subwoofers. Cups are countersunk into the top of the enclosure to lock in additional TRS-218, TRS-212. Available separately is a TRS-218 dolly-board enabling easy, single person movement between venues. The rear cast aluminium connection plate has two 4 pin speakON® connectors fitted as standard, one input and one link. The speakON® connectors are wired on pins +1-1, with pass through of pins +2-2. Key Features:

-Rebated Baltic Birch Plywood construction

-Tough Polyurea coating

-Reticulated weatherproof foam covered powder-coated Zintec steel grills

-Dual layer thermal relief driver technology

-Stackable cup and foot system

-Heavy duty recessed steel handles

For more information please get in touch with us at: info@noiseboxproductions.co.uk https://www.ohm.co.uk/productdetail/TRS-218 https://www.ohm.co.uk/productdetail/TRS-218A

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