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Ohm Product Of The Week: BRT-8/10.

In this weekly series we are taking a look through the catalogue of our favourite local speaker manufacturer Ohm and highlighting some of their amazing product line up.

This week it's the BRT-8/BRT-10, for when you need a bit more oomph in your install system. These are also available in active versions which is great for taking on the road when coupled with a BR12-A3 to make a very simple party or small event rig.

The BRT-8/10 is a high performance compact cabinet which is ideally suited to both portable use and fixed installation. Designed with an OHM 8” 200W (BRT-8) or OHM 10" 300W (BRT-10) proprietary 8 Ohm woofer and 1” compression driver , the internal passive crossover ensures a linear, usable frequency response of 75 Hz to 25 kHz (-10 dB BRT-8) or 72 Hz to 22 kHz (-10 dB BRT-10)across 90°x 60° dispersion with rotatable horn and maximum SPL of 126 dB (peak BRT-8) or 127.8 dB (peak BRT-10).

Offering extremely flexible mounting options including integrated aluminium

top-hat and horizontal cradle fixing points for use with the BRC Horizontal, BRC Vertical Yoke and rear mounted pan and tilt bracket PTL. Other fixings can be used with this cabinet such as the fixed large wall bracket (LWB) and pan and tilt wall bracket (LWB-PT).

Custom RAL colours are available on request to make their appearance even more seamless with the surroundings. The discreet design with reticulated foam front and acrylic textured paint finish and multiple integrated fixing points achieves a high class look suitable for any application.

Weather resistant version is available with gland back plate, Polyurethane plus enamelled paint finish and metal grill front and 100v transformer with 3.75, 7.5, 15, 30 and 60 W tap settings.

Key Features:

-Suitable for install and portable

-Rotatable 90° x 60° horn for enhanced flexibility

-Multiple mounting options available

-Available in weather resistant version

-Custom RAL Colours available on request

For more information, please get in touch via info@noiseboxproductions.co.uk





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