Ohm Product Of The Week: Cronus Series.

In this weekly series we are taking a look through the catalogue of our favourite local speaker manufacturer Ohm and highlighting some of their amazing product line up.

The Cronus series features 160 horizontal dispersion and sleek styling,in either 10" or 12" versions. Also available is the 18" Cronus Sub for extended bass response.

The Cronus 10/12 has been developed for installed or portable near-field use with wide audio

coverage at the core of its design.

The Cronus passive cabinet is designed with a 300W (10") or 350W (12") 8 Ohm woofer and 1" compression driver, both capable of 129dB SPL. The mid-high features a phase plug limited hornthat drives an inner slot achieving 160 degree horizontal dispersion. To match this, the low frequencybass driver is ported through a diffraction slot creting a truly linear frequency response down to 65Hz.

Cronus Sub is designed to give additional bass enhancement to Cronus mid high cabinets. Featuring a UK built 18" LVC driver delivering Ohms signature sound. The cronus sub is easy to handle with recessed, ergonomic pocket handles.

The rear cast aluminium connection plate has two 4 pin speakon connectors fitted as standard,one input an one link. All speakers in this series have inputs on 1+1- with pass through on 2+2-.

Key Features:

-160° Wide angle dispersion

-Top hat and rear mounting options

-Tough textured paint finish

-Ultra linear response

-Lightweight design

For more information, please get in touch via info@noiseboxproductions.co.uk




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